Introductions & Inquiries

Miss Austensauce herself, Cristina.

Cristina is a playwright & teaching artist from San Antonio, TX currently based in Minneapolis, MN. Cristina geeks out about many wonderfult things (Disney, Harry Potter, The Office, Parks & Rec, & more) but has a soft spot for everything Austen. When she’s not running Austensauce, Cristina is pursuing her M.F.A. in Creative Writing, enjoying a nice glass of Malbec, and cuddling her cats, Darwin & Cordelia.

Austensauce wants to hear from you!

Here at Austensauce, we’re all about Austen Fans (Austenites) please don’t hesitate to contact Cristina with any questions, comments, or promotion requests for your own Austen endevours. So do reach out, and until then, keep it saucy’ – it’s what Jane would do.