It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fan girl in possesion of a love for Jane Austen and a silly domain name, must be in want of a website where she can GEEK THE F*CK OUT.

Welcome, Austenites, to Austensauce.

The great literary resource Urban Dictionary defines the phrase “Awesome sause” as:

a beautifully assonant phrase which can and should be used on any occasion where joy and elation are expressed.

origin of ‘awesome sauce’ is probably from Strong Bad, although in that case he refers to a cleaning product with the trade name of Awesome Sauce. ‘awesome sauce’ has been adapted for use both as an exclamation or reserved sign of approval.

Example: chel: i just got hired at Big Lots. macgyver: awesome sauce.

Austensauce is a celebration of Jane Austen, her novels, and her freakin’ awesome fans.

Pride and Prejudice Vol. III Chapters 4-5

You’ll find all kinds of things: blog posts full of nerdy-Austen deep dives, attempts at Austen themed food & drinks, reccomendations of my favorite Austen-y nifty-gifties, movie adaptations & reviews, Jane Austen news, and info/links to other amazing Austen fans!

Welcome! Please do make yourself at leasuire.

Thank you for stopping by and remeber to keep it saucy’ – it’s what Jane would do.

Your’s, very sincerely, Miss Austensauce