Saucy’ Austenites

In our humble opinion, Jane Austen fans are the best fans. Check out these amazing Austenites & Jane Austen institutions of AWESOME:

Becca & Molly GIVE ME LIFE!
As a fellow daughter of the theatre, I LOVE these two and their podcast! Becca has read Jane Austen – Molly has not. I highly reccomend this podcast. I’ve been rereading P & P and it’s so fun to read along with the chapters as Becca assigned them to Molly, and then to listen to them discuss. They read the books & watch adaptations with a modern-feminist perspective and I want to be the very best of friends with them.

Check out their website

Jane Austen’s House
Chawton Hampshire
This site has so much fun info and events! You can sign up for live virtual tours right now while the house is closed due to Covid.


~ Purveyors of Fine Literary Gifts ~
I found this shop on Etsy when I was looking for Jane Austen candles for my birthday party and I fell in love with these! Candles named after our favorite Austen characters with custom scents! I got one of their gift sets of a tea cup & saucer, and small Marianne & Brandon candles! I am particulary fond of the Brandon scent: Burnished Leather & Morning Post … YES! Highly reccomend these candles as a great gift for the Austen fan in your life!

Check them out on Etsy:

Beth, Julia, and Lori grab something to sip and talk about Jane Austen adaptions!
These three have great banter and I really enjoy listening to their opinions about different adaptations. I like that these ladies have an eye for literary and artistic choices made in adaptations, while also making sure to ask Lori which Austen man she would date in every episode.

Check out their link tree:–xRI8QQk-IuwqJH3QvDBhxSTko4zm_Tgj6owdBV-065g

I got myself and my mother memberships for a year to the Jane AUsten Society of North America! Lots of cool articles, onlinevents, etc.
“6 novels. 200 years. Millions of fans.
The Jane Austen Society of North America is dedicated to the appreciation of Jane Austen and her writing.  Join us in celebrating her life and works.”


I LOVE the Jane Austen Centre in Bath! I have had the great privilege of having visited twice in years past and I just simply enjoy this house, the tour, and especially the super lit gift shop! Their site has awesome resources and their newsletter is something I look forward to.


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